Exploring London from 600ft up

The BT Tower AR App was a collaboration project we did with Red&White. The challenge was to enhance the visitor experience from the spectacular 360 degree panoramic views at the top of the BT Tower. We used AR and GPS to plot points of interest from around London. The app was locked down so it could only be operated at the top of the BT Tower and was to be used a special events. There was over 50 POI's for the users to explore, bring to life the views of London.

Controlling the user experience

When we were planning out the user interface I took inspiration from mobile racing games and how they deal with controls. As the users would be mixed ages I kept the main controls in the bottom corners of the screen making sure that everything could be interacted with by use of just your thumb.

Camera modes

We planned for every eventuality to make sure every user had the same experience. We created three camera modes because the events that the app would be at would be during the day and in the evening. There was also the ever changing London weather and as the app was going to be used 300m up in the air low fog and heavy rain would impede the view for the users. We created a live camera mode but we also shot a 360 degree panoramic day and night view as well. This was also good for day users to get an idea of what the view is like at night.

Where's grans house?

We thought it would be good add a feature that allowed you to place your own markers. This came out of one of our first trips to the top of the Tower. Once we had found the most obvious landmarks and buildings we kept asking the questions " I wonder where ... is?" and " I think my house is over there". We knew that users would be doing the exact same thing so we made sure this feature was built in.