Engage, Educate & Entertain

The Mercedes-Benz Brochure apps were a great example of taking the traditional print format brochures and bring them to life through the power of digital. Produced for iPad, we create model specific apps to better educate and explain the models.


This was recognised with by the CLA app winning an FWA Mobile of the day award and the C-Class Saloon app achieving a finalist spot in the BIMA Digital awards for the "Best use of digital in Automotive". The A-Class app managed a massive average engagement time of 62 minutes, and the E-Class app gaining a top spot in the app store rankings.


Over their lifetime they were downloaded over 100,00 times (combined) and created hundreds of test drive leads.

A-Class technology breakdown

Working alongside the 3D artist, I took his final renders and used after effects to finish off the sequence, adding in lighting, motion blur and a few other little touches.